Growblogs – Award Winning Horticulturists.

Growblogs – Award Winning Horticulturists 

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Every winter when there is nothing to sow, idle gardeners with itchy fingers reach for the notepad. Refreshing on crop rotation rules and making a list of allotment achievements for the year ahead. Being award winning horticulturists was a very distant plan. During winter the greatest of plans are created, sketched, laminated and as soon as something doesn’t seed well, forgot about. How long the plans are stuck to is a different matter. Often our beds are filled with what ever we have managed to propagate, and what will live together without fuss.

We did exactly the same thing last year and set ourselves a list of goals we wanted to achieve with the allotment and blog. Physically working on the allotment had taken prescience to the little spare time that we have had. Our output, unfortunately, has suffered and we have been producing much less instructional blogs than intended. We also wanted to put out a few instructional videos to accompany posts but that has also had to take a back burner until next year. One of the many goals we set last winter, was to enter our produce in a local village fair. Well, we had no intention of entering anything until just a few weeks ago, when I was leaving the allotments I noticed a small sign on one of our neighbour’s fences. Upon further investigation, I discovered it was a flyer for a local Horticultural Society’s annual village fair… it’s like the start of a dodgy film. There will be no montage with 80’s music and .gifs of me sweating over a few turnips while frantically weeding and watering consecutively. But it did get me thinking.


Runner Beans

The next day I went up to the plot early to see, if I was going to, what could I enter? Not knowing what a prime vegetable looked like a lot of googling was done. Intimidated by the pristine condition of some of the entrants online made me think again. Being the friendly type I was chatting to out plot neighbours and mentioned the fair. To which she was delighted as not only a member but the reigning champion over all winner. I was assured of the amateurish element of the competition and that my entry would be greatly appreciated.

Award Winning Horticulturists
Last of our carrots

What have we got to lose, and it will be good to make a contribution to the society. The day before the fair, I went to the allotment to see what we could enter. pickings are slim this time of year as we have been harvesting throughout and gifting produce to our friends. We lifted our last tub of carrots but was unable to get three similar enough to enter, so they went in the pot. We were a little more successful with 3 handsome beets, and 6 slightly too far gone but straight runner beans. Our cucumbers were two weeks too young but we entered one anyway. The one thing I was slightly hopeful was of our courgettes. I planted some courgettes as ground cover so ad a lot to choose from.


Our entrants


The Day of the Fair

The morning of the fair I was unable to attend so Conor brought the veg up and entered in the correct classes. To our astonishment and delight, we actually won one of the classes and got two seconds and a third. While it might not be up to Harrogate standards to say we were both delighted with ourselves was an understatement. And did we milk it, you bet we did? Rosettes in the post. 

Overall it was a great experience and one we both thoroughly enjoyed. It was also great in rejuvenating our passion for our allotment, as tho despite torrential rain Connor was raring to go 9.00am the next morning.