Alliums Part 2

Alliums Part 22016-02-12 18.17.20

This is just a quick blog to show what stage our alliums are at.

Not read Alliums Part 1 yet find it here, and if not, shame on you lol ! Alliums Part 1

Well the wait is very almost over and its time to start putting some of the hardier plants into the ground.
I started my garlic and onions in sets to give them a bit of a head start and then hardened them off in the cold frame for roughly 10 days each. Starting them off in sets allows them to establish strong roots before they are planted out.

It is important to harden off the plants to get them used to the outdoor conditions, because the difference of temperature between my windowsill indoors and outdoors will differ greatly and they shock of the elements could kill the sets. For the purposes of crop rotation im planting my alliums in the bed that I mostly grew cabbages, kale and chard in last year.

Garlic Planting Spacing – roughly 5” between sets and 8 – 10” between rows, sets are placed just below the soil level and pressed firmly into the ground.

Onion & Shallots Planting Spacing – roughly 5” apart between the sets and 10” – 12” between rows, the sets are also planted until the top of the bulb and firmly pressed in.

While the strong taste of onions and garlic may not be the favorite treat for the garden scavengers, it has been a long winter and there is no doubt, many’s a hungry tummy running around the allotment site looking for a feed.


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