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About the Grow Bloggers – Our Allotment

Allotment 8b

Who are Growblogs and what do we stand for ?

Sure here’s the Lads !

We are a great bunch of lads, with a rather tidy looking allotment, dedicated to providing you with the information on how to grow your own food, brew your own booze, build and maintain your allotment, and everything outdoorsy, while hopefully being able to entertain and interact along the way.

How did it all start ? 

Growblogs came about, after applying for a council plot 11 years ago while we were both at University. Out of the blue the confirmation letter dropped, and we went to town clearing the allotment, to start working on our little patch of vegetable heaven.

Growblogs Plot

There is a great community when it comes to growing vegetables and gardening as a whole, and one of the things we have enjoyed the most is interacting and learning from other horticulturists. Luckily we’re at the stage now, where we are the ones dishing out the advice to our friends or anyone who will listen, so hence we decided to make a permanent record of it and jump on the blog bandwagon. After 2 bottles of wine spent in front of a laptop we came up with the rather splendid, Blog title and Growblogs was born.  

For the past two years we have been working hard transforming the overgrown allotment we were assigned, into a productive and aesthetically pleasing vegetable patch, that I like to call my home from home. We very much care for the environment, and keeping costs to a minimum is important. Recycling products from timber for building structures to, raking a neighbours lawn to use their fallen leaves a leaf mould, we will show you the ways to  grow your own food, while being respectful to mother nature.

We really do love to read and respond to your comments, so please feel free to drop us a message or request or just say hi, we really are a friendly bunch here at Growblogs.