Swiss Chard



Swiss Chard, Chard Beta vulgaris

Having armed myself with my bag for life, earphones and an entertaining podcast I was all set to do the monotonousness weekly shop. Whilst sauntering through the vegetable isle often with growers envy, I was delighted to see that my local supermarket was now stocking rainbow swiss chard. It immediately caught my attention due to the bright vibrant colours and had also caught the attention of the lady beside, me as she rather poorly tried to explain this foreign vegetable to her young son.

The product looked very fresh and enticing. Having exhausted our own supply of Swiss chard I reached for a packet until I glanced at the price. I actually let out an audible laugh much to the attention of my fellow shoppers when I saw that for the rather stingy weight of 200g they very kindly would like to offer you an invitation to treat yourself to the Swiss chard for the sum of £1.89.Swiss Chard, Green Beans, Red Onion

Our rainbow swiss chard “Bright Lights” from 2015 was definitely one of our greatest successes on the new plot. We planted our chard from seed early June. We waited till the plants got to about 10cm in height before we started to harvest some of the delicious baby leaves. While we also left half of the crop to mature to produce wonderful crunchy stalks, all colours of the rainbow.

Such wonderful looking and tasting plants and with great colours and textures when it comes to cooking. Swiss Chard is a no brainer for our plot and kitchens for next year. #

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