December Allotment 2016 – Jobs we will be getting on with.

December Allotment 2016
Chris looking smug with his carrots.

December Allotment 2016

December allotment diary 2016… and its going to be a quiet  month for growblogs. We are both normally very busy preparing  for the Christmas rush in work. Evenings start in the afternoons generally pitch black by 4pm now. So, apart from a few fleeting visits to harvest some of our hardier vegetables, and to replenish the bird feeders, the December Allotment 2016 Pages are going to be pretty bare. That is up until the end of the month at least.

This doesn’t  mean that we haven’t been planning tho, the end of December I will have a full week of work off, and intend to make the most of it up at the allotment. I started a low fence along the front of our plot a few months back. The reason it is so low is that the sun crosses along the front, and we wanted to allow for maximum sunlight. I dug holes and positioned the posts to the edge of our boundary and fixed with postcrete. I will be digging a trench an under pinning the chicken wire fence beneath the ground to deter any burrowing creatures.

december allotment
Next years seed house

The second job will be to securely fix the greenhouse, to the greenhouse base that I installed in the summer. With the weight of the PVC paneling that we used to glaze the greenhouse, currently holding the frame in position. I didnt fancy taking the risk that a possible high wind might cause some damage. So i will drill the bottom of the frame and use plugs, screws, and washers to securely fix the frame to the concrete slab base.

Should I Cover Raised Beds Or Leave to the Elements OverWinter ?

Ive been asked a few  times since the growing season has slowed to a freeze, are you better to cover your raised beds to deter sunlight and starve the weeds. Or are you better to leave the beds to the elements and let the frost penetrate the ground,  and kill off anything that is still growing. On our plot we have two identical size beds which were made at the same time, so we have decided to cover one with a thick black builders pvc, and the other we have left to the elements. Come February or March when we come to work the ground again, we shall show which we think worked  best. 

December Allotment 2016
Bird feed


Our Allotment Wishlist for Santa

Dear Santa Claus

Connor and Myself have been really good boys all year. We hope you and the missus and all your reindeer’s are keeping well. We would please like the following if not too much to ask. A 6x3m polytunnel with a window, loads of sunshine and it would be just dandy if you could do something about the mares tail please.

All the best 

The lads at growblogs

Christmas 2015


Well its getting to the end of the year now and the boys at GrowBlogs are starting to get excited about taking a long, well earned rest and stuffing our faces full of turkey, sprouts and cheeses we cant pronounce. The build up to Christmas is always a very busy time for us both work wise and the allotment has been slightly neglected the past two weeks. In fact we have just been popping in on my way past to refill the bird feeders and top up the water supply for the birds.

You might have seen us post about a greenhouse that we had acquired. Well… it didnt quite payoff. The glass was clean and intact and there was no obvious signs of rust. Too good to be true I kept saying to myself and I was correct. It was very well put together and I successfully removed and labeled all of the pieces of glass and took photographs of the frame joints to make it easier to re assemble. It was only when I came to remove the frame from the ground fixing that I realised that the greenhouse has been secured to the ground with a raft of concrete paving slabs. When I removed the slabs the frame was completely disintegrated and and there was no way that I was going to be able to salvage it without great cost of both time and money, so I decided that it was not worth trying to salvage. Ah well you win some you lose, its gonna take more than that to keep us down.


The weather in the UK is still unusually mild for the time of year, looks like the decision to get the broad beans in the ground could pay off and hopefully these mild temperatures will give them a good start. There has been reports out suggesting that whilst no temperature records have been broken for this time of year it did come withing half a degree to being the warmest December on record. As I post this, book makers are giving odds of a White Christmas in Belfast, which means it needs to snow at our International Airport at 10/3. We do love a wee flutter now and again and think thats worth 5 pounds of anyone’s money, and sure if were lucky we can stick it in the new greenhouse fund.

So were going to sign off now and we would very much like to wish everyone a peaceful and merry Christmas and hope the big guy with the beard (Not Chris the other one) is good to you. Merry Christmas

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” Calvin Coolidge