What’s in a name?

– by Connor

So you may have noticed we changed the name of our blog yesterday. Unfortunately someone else had created a site many years ago called Allotmentor. Clearly they are as smart and funny as ourselves, but because they had picked the name first, we decided it would be in ours and their best interests to differentiate the two websites. We doubt they were even aware of our existence, but when we realised the names were similar, we decided it best to move from the similarity.

Over a few glasses of wine yesterday and after a hard day’s working on the shed (more about that later), we set to work on our blog renaming. Considering I work in this industry you’d think I’d a be a dab hand at this, but when you’re working on your own project, it becomes infinitely harder. We, as you can see decided on the name Grow Blogs. This is for two main reasons

  1. We can continue to showcase our own blog and the work we’re doing on allotment 8b to make our own lives more sustainable and to eat a little bit healthier everyday
  2. Our new name now means we can open up our blog to our allotment friends from around the web and show their best practice techniques as well their own journeys to a more sustainable and healthy life.

If you want to join us on the blog for a guest post or a look at your own allotment growing story, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below.


The Shed

Yesterday we set to tackle the shed. Frankly it had become a dumping ground for everything that might be of interest to someone or that could get lost if left out. Tackle it we must and along with shelves and hanging racks, we set to strengthen and fully waterproof the inside of the shed with panelling. Drafts and leaks are now a thing of the past….hopefully. Well except for the felt on the roof flying off in the wind last week, but we can fix that. To be honest we’ve probably spent the same amount fixing up our free from the internet shed than we would have spent on a new one, but the time and effort taken to do so has been…character building.

2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I don’t think I dare tackle tidying my shed, who knows what strange things I might have accumulated in it over the years!

    Like the new name and I enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Welcome Modern Veg Plot. Thanks for stopping by. I’m pretty sure we’ve just invited all the wildlife on the lott to visit it for winter, but it needed a good tidy and thats another job done before the year end.

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